We will install on your site Online Assistant 4 in 1 new generation. You will be able to communicate on new technology with visitors to your site. And we will prepare new texts for your pages.

Online Assistant 4 in 1

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How it works?

2 interfaces.

You can work and communicate in Spage not only in But also right on your site. The system allows you to do this in a floating window.

Assistant Online

You install the code on the site and get the opportunity to chat with your visitors online.

Page Stats

All inputs and outputs of clients are recorded in the database. After analyzing the behavior of visitors, you can find out what customers are looking for on the site and give them this.

Smart Teasers

In just 5 seconds, you can create a smart, creative teaser. Which will be shown to the visitor to keep him on the site.

Community of our Service

You can relax, chat, get support, make friends in the community of site owners right here in one window.


The main features of the system.

Our server supports fast messages using Socket technology. As soon as a visitor writes a message on the site, in a second you receive it. If you are not online, a message will be sent to your mail. Most likely there will be a visitor’s email for your reply. The system is fast and reliable.

Admin Interface

The Client module interface displays real-time information for you about everyone who visits your site. You can not wait for a message to be written to you, but write it yourself. Or configure this action automatically.

Customer Actions

As soon as a visitor has entered the site, you will immediately see on which page the client is now, what pages he looked at earlier, his IP address, the region, the device on which he entered and all the correspondence that you had with him earlier.

Design and Customization

You can choose the avatar that the visitor will see. Set up a welcome message. Add a separate Email to the system to receive messages. Or completely disable the online Consultant on your site.

The system interface allows you to save people in the database or vice versa to block them. And also create orders for the client, if you have an online store. Sort customers by orders, messages and hosts.

Customer Statistics

For the analysis of work with clients, there is a section Statistics. Here you can see the number of orders for a period of time. The number of new customers, all messages, 25 of the best visitors per day, week and month.

Promotions and Gifts

Currently, we have a Promotion. Everyone who registers with the system receives a free account with the Professional tariff for a period of 1 month as a gift. Then it can be extended for only $ 10 per month.

Choose the best rate for yourself

Our company provides services: design and web development of new sites. Optimization and promotion of business on the Internet. Creation and maintenance of advertising companies. Android and iOS application development. Write to us and we will call our prices. Our promotions, discounts and cost of services can be found on the Prices page.

Service "Care for the site" is one of our areas. In this service, we show our capabilities and take customer sites for warranty service. Our customers are always satisfied. Your site will be monitored 24/7.

Test our site care service. Choose a basic rate, it is free and forever. If you have many sites, buy Professional $10 tariff. We will analyze your site and make a PDF report for $25. We will do all the work on the PDF report for $100.




★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • 1 Site
  • 1 Statistics Week
  • 5 Messages
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per month

all functions

  • 10 websites
  • 10 Operator
  • 1 Statistics Month
  • Messages
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per month

different price

  • + Professional
  • Personal manager
  • Installation of counters
  • Site analysis
  • PDF report
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per month

all inclusive

  • + Personal
  • 25 page optimization
  • Creating 50 Teasers
  • 10 new seo pages
  • Web layout fix
  • Advertising setup
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What customers say.

  • Author image
    Luci A Money Q Co

    I did not expect that in a short time it is possible to significantly improve the texts on the pages, increase the number of views per visitor, and reduce bounce rates. This really increased search traffic.

  • Author image
    Aleksey D

    Friends, I’m a developer, a leading specialist at SPAGE. It uses multilevel information protection. All data is stored reliably and guaranteedly protected. This service is made specifically for you.


Questions and answers.

The "Site Care" system was created to optimize and promote sites. It has four modules: Pages, Teasers, Friends and Clients. Here are the most popular questions about the Client module.

Why is your service called a new generation?

The service has 2 interfaces and besides the online Consultant there are three more modules: Pages, Friends and Teasers. All work together to achieve one goal. The purpose of the system: website promotion in the Top. Online Assistant is one of the components of website optimization.

Why do I need 2 interfaces?

To save optimizer time. While you are working on your site, editing a page, creating teasers and more, you can answer a new message from a client and continue your work without switching directly to the site.

How is the online Assistant used for optimization?

To develop the site, you must write articles on relevant topics. Turn on the online Consultant, site visitors will ask questions. Write detailed answers and they will be as relevant as possible for your site.

Can I turn off the Online Consultant for a while?

Yes, in the settings of your account there is such an opportunity. But you can not disconnect, and receive all messages to yourself on Email. And respond to your Clients from your email. The system will ask for email from the client after the first message.

Unusual drop-down interface, what is the point?

To save space and conveniently monitor the action of the client. As soon as a client visits the site, a line of that client appears. If you click it, the interface will drop out, this is the client. Its hosts, messages, orders and parameters (name, email, phone).

What other features of your service?

As soon as a visitor has written a message, he automatically enters the customer database. If he came again. You see what he was interested in earlier, on what pages he was, what he asked. And you can make him a profitable offer.

Promotions and Gifts

Today we offer you to register in the "Care for the site" system and get a free professional account for a period of 1 month. You can add up to 10 sites to the system and receive any number of messages in our community.

Affiliate program.

We have a Affiliate program., gives 5% referrals. For web studios even more favorable conditions. The percentage is higher and we add the web studio interface to our site.