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О сообществе Spage

We make and promote sites. We develop applications and engage in advertising. We have many customers. We love you, value and respect you. Our customers can communicate with each other! This is unique! You can meet interesting people in our community and learn from them about the quality of our work.

Communication in one window

When we created Spage, a site optimization service, we thought that it would be good to unite users into a community. In order to communicate in an informal atmosphere, help, support each other. And do it in Spage, without going anywhere, right here in one window. It's comfortable. If you worked with your site and are tired. Then, with the click of a button, you go to the Spage community, chat with friends, relax or get expert advice.

Show me your site

We have created two types of communication: Comments and Private. The comment is placed on the site of the system participant. But this comment can only be seen by an authorized user of the system, for this the Friends button is shown to him. If you are not a member of the Spage community, then you will not see this button and you will not see comments from other users of the system. If you go to the site of a community member, the Friends button appears, through it you can leave a comment and see other comments.

Community functionality

The functionality and design of the community of site owners Spage allows you to receive messages in real time. Sent comments and private messages come immediately without delay for 1 second. You can choose a site registered in our system and send its owner a private message. If a person answers him, then he will appear in your list of Favorites (Friends). And vice versa, you can add a person to the Blacklist or make your site invisible in the system.

Community Rules

There are simple rules to follow in our community. You cannot send promotional messages to a network member. In communication, offensive remarks, disrespectful attitude to a person, swear words are not allowed. This behavior is not pleasant to anyone. Let's respect each other. In case of violation of the rules, the administration of Spage.me has the right to block access to the Spage community for some time. Other modules of the system will work without changes.

Community Access

If you have a free Basic Spage version, then you will have some limitations. A maximum of 5 comments and 5 private messages can be sent per day. In paid versions there are no restrictions on the number of comments and private messages. The second condition. You can only become a member of the Spage programmers community if you have added your site to the system and added code to your site. These conditions will allow you to cut off random people who are not owners of sites and registered with obscure goals.

Promotions and Gifts

Today we are holding an action. If you register now, you will receive a free account with the Professional tariff for a period of 1 month as a gift. The Professional tariff costs $ 10 per month, and you will receive it for FREE. Note. In our service you can connect to an affiliate program and attract customers on spage.me. In this case, we will pay you a commission of 5% for each payment from a referred client (referral). If you are the owner of a Web studio, then you will have even more interesting conditions.

Что здесь можно делать?

All Sites

Here you can see the sites of network members. View, rate, write a comment. Suggest, advise how to make the site better. You can ask a question about certain functions of the site. To ask how this or that design element is made. Or how this site is optimized. Only members of the system authorized in the service will be able to see the comment.

latest comments

On the Recent tab, you can see a list of recent comments made on all sites of the system in recent times. If any comment interests you, then you can add your own or reply if you are the owner of the site. If someone makes a new comment in the system, a notification about this will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. And also on top of the floating window will appear the text of the message, from whom and from which site.

Private communication

From the Privat tab, you can start correspondence with the site owner. This correspondence will be personal, the text of the messages will be available only to you and the person to whom you write. Message delivery time is 1 second. When your friend receives a message and replies to it, then he will be on the list of your favorites. If you want to block messages from this person, then delete him from the list of favorites and messages from him will be blocked.

my comment

From your site, click spage, enter your username and password. You will have 4 buttons. Click the Friends button. The system will load in a special window all the comments made on your site. Here you, as the owner of the site, can work with comments. Answer them, delete both your own and others. If you think that one of the participants in the system violates the rules, then write about it to our Email.

App Screenshots

How much does this service cost?

Some functions of our service are unique in the Internet industry. For example, we show the statistics of one page on the page of this site, we give the opportunity to create smart teasers in four clicks, the Consultant 4 in 1, the community of clients and other functions.

We professionally create sites from $ 100. We share our many years of experience - for free. We help to promote sites in the Top from $ 200. We set up advertising companies on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads from $ 25. But we want our service to be massive. Therefore, our price for it is from $ 10. And the Basic tariff is free and has no time limits.



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Что говорят о нашем сервисе.

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