Система Умных Тизеров задерживает посетителей на сайте.

We will set up a system of smart teasers for you. We will increase your conversion. Our customers do not leave, our customers remain on the site. You can control the work of smart teasers in a floating window window.

Creating Smart Teasers.

First, you create teasers for several pages. The url and title fields are automatically populated. The url of the image and text are copied and pasted into the manual (description under the teaser). Then you select the design of the teasers and they automatically appear on your site. You can customize css styles and design of smart teasers. We are constantly developing new styles and designs for future teasers and sliders. You can learn more about this in our blog, on our YouTube channel and in social networks.

Why are they smart?

Firstly, their creation and placement on the site is as simple as possible. With the click of a button, you can enable, disable and change the design of teasers. But most importantly, they have a high CTR. They depend on the url of the page and appear only on pages with a similar theme. These teasers are as relevant as possible. So that the system does not make a mistake with the choice, the site owner himself selects and ticks off a group of teasers, which will be primarily displayed on the page of the site. They will be shown in random order, but will not be repeated.

Cross-browser compatibility

We tried to optimize the teasers program code for all popular browsers. Well-designed mobile version of smart teasers. Soon, new types of teasers and sliders will appear in the Teaser module. When they click, they will display a pop-up window and create a mini survey, similar to a quiz site. Depending on the user's response, direct it to a particular url or hashtag of the page. You can also connect pop-up messages advertising your service and a message before the visitor leaves the site. Scroll the page endlessly with a smooth transition to the next page using a list of grouped page urls.

The Purpose of Smart Teasers.

If in the module Page - Statistics we optimize the tags and text of one of the popular pages on the site. Then in the Teaser module we create a database of advertisements for pages with links to internal pages of the site. Our task is to keep the user, to offer him to look at other pages of the site similar on the topic of the page to which he went. Together, these actions increase the behavioral characteristics of the page and the site as a whole. Search engines for this increase the site relative to competitors. The visitor just doesn’t leave, the likelihood of a click on AdSense advertising also increases.

Our WEB studio employs professional specialists. You can always order a new web site from us. To optimize and promote the site. Make a calculation of the advertising company in social networks and in Google ads. And also we are developing iOS, Android applications. Prices for these services can be found in the Price List section.

When you have a site, we will put it for warranty service in our site care service. There are 4 tariffs. There is a free plan forever, a “professional” plan for $10 and an all-inclusive plan for $100.


$0 Forever

  • 1 Site
  • 1 Operator
  • 5 Private
  • Smart Teasers
  • 1 Statistics Week
  • Instruction free


$10 per month

  • 10 websites
  • 10 Operator
  • ∞ Private
  • Daily statistics emails
  • 1 Statistics Month
  • Summary Statistics


$25 per month

  • + Professional
  • Personal manager
  • Installation of counters
  • Site analysis
  • PDF report
  • Counseling


$100 per month

  • + Personal
  • 25 page optimization
  • Creating 50 Teasers
  • 10 new seo pages
  • Web layout fix
  • Advertising setup

Cloud data storage.

How fast do teasers load on the site? Our servers are located in a large hosting company AWS . And this site is also located on these servers. You can evaluate the speed yourself. She's tall.

A few screenshots of our service.

This service has many features. This is not only the creation of teasers. It is also a statistics service, a community of Friends, an online chat site. All these modules work from one code. You do not have to connect similar services from different sites. They already have everything here. 4 modules, 16 submodules in 2 different interfaces. The first interface is here on spage.me. The second is right on your site, in a pop-up window. Access to the window is yours only. It is activated when you enter the username and password for the service.

Что говорят люди.

  • I did not expect that in a short time it is possible to significantly improve the texts on the pages, increase the number of views per visitor, and reduce bounce rates. This really increased search traffic.

    Luci A Money Q Co
  • Friends, I’m a developer, a leading specialist at SPAGE. It uses multilevel information protection. All data is stored reliably and guaranteedly protected. This service is made specifically for you.

    Aleksey D spage.me.

Registration form on the site.

Better to see and try once than hear a hundred times. Now you are only one step away from the service entrance. Who knows, maybe this step will change your life and spage will become a part of your life? Maybe it's worth a try?