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Our experts will optimize the pages of your site. The result of our work in a floating window. You will see statistics for each page. This is unique!


Website statistics are key to success.

Do you know the statistics of your site as a whole? But you do not know the statistics of each page of the site. Start with the most visited pages. Where customers come from and where visitors go from a specific page of your site. What keywords do they enter for what they’re looking for on your page? It is important! With this information, you can increase the traffic to these pages with minimal effort.


Yandex and Google are not willing to give keywords for which visitors come to your site. You can view them only in Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics. But throughout the site as a whole and separately for each search engine. They do not provide this information on individual pages of the site. And we show her!

Comparison and Analysis

In our service, we compare statistics from three counters: Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics and It turns out that everyone has different statistics! Yandex and Google do not always provide complete and current information. We bring this information into one report and graphs for one page of the site and the site as a whole.

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We believe that internal clicks on pages within the site increase the behavioral characteristics of the site and increase advertising revenue. To do this, you need to know where they came from and where they left from a particular page of the site. Our service allows you to understand what the visitor is looking for on the site and what interests him.

Page Revenue

If you’re earning money from adSense ads, then you can view your earnings statistics at But on the site as a whole. Here you can see the income, CTR, the number of clicks, the cost of 1 thousand impressions on each page of the site. And deal with pages that have maximum revenue.

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What else can the Spage service do?


Open any page of your site and look at it through the "magnifying glass" of the Spage service. You will see how this page lives. You will find out who needs it and what it depends on. Why search engines "love" or "dislike" her. And how to make it even better! more...


Your site needs internal transitions! A visitor has come to you, do not let him go! Offer him other interesting pages on your site. This can be done with the help of smart teasers of the Spage system. Make them really fast! more...


Tired, relax! In our system you can communicate. All Spage users can post comments on system sites and communicate privately with each other. Share your professional experience and get support from other webmasters! more...


If you want, you will have an online Consultant on the site. You will be able to answer questions from your customers and visitors while they are still "sitting" on the site. You will find out what people want and are looking for on the site. This will give ideas for new texts for your pages! more...

How is this Service different from others?

There are many site promotion services on the Internet. Our competitors offer to buy links without clearly explaining whether this will help or not. The idea of our service is to analyze the 20 most visited pages of the site and work with them. Namely, increasing the behavioral characteristics of these pages. How to do it? Register and you will receive detailed instructions for optimizing your site.

Yandex and Google statistics

We download site statistics from Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics. This is done selectively for one page of the site. Then we compare it with our statistics and tell customers what needs to be done on the page in order for more people to visit it.

Video Instructions

Our service has a Youtube channel. On it you can watch detailed videos on working with the system. Video instructions will show how to work with the module Page - Statistics, Teaser - Creating and Grouping Smart Teasers, in the Spage Community Test and in the Online Consultant.

Security Systems

Our customers are always interested in how safe it is to store their data here and use the services of our service. Our system has multi-level customer data protection. Servers are located in the USA. Client authorization is checked by cookies, ip and id.

We are developing

Our service is quite young, but we do not stand still and are constantly evolving. Let's develop together. You can take part in the development of Spage. Your advice and wishes will be heard and implemented in the future.

Community Spage

Why did we create and support the Spage community? Even the most intelligent programs and algorithms will not replace human intelligence. Therefore, we want site owners to communicate with each other, share their experiences and new ideas.

How to earn?

You can promote your project for $ 0. When you pay $ 10 per month, you get full functionality, all restrictions of the Basic version are removed. We have an affiliate program. We pay 5% from each client. For web studios, the conditions are even more interesting.

Our customers love the service!

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I did not expect that in a short time it is possible to significantly improve the texts on the pages, increase the number of views per visitor, and reduce bounce rates. This really increased search traffic.

Luci A Money Q Co
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Residually simple but effective. Working in this service you get the result. In a short time, you can fix the shortcomings of the site, optimize popular pages and move on.

Alex V 47 Sch ed.
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Friends, I’m a developer, a leading specialist at SPAGE. It uses multilevel information protection. All data is stored reliably and guaranteedly protected. This service is made specifically for you.

Aleksey D

The basic version of Spage
is free forever

We know that the issue of payment is important to our customers. Therefore, we have developed a flexible pricing system. The cost of our services starts at $0.




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Our service is a service of driving, moving forward.

Start your work day by viewing statistics on popular pages on your site. Edit texts, add keywords and your site will become even better and more popular. Tired, you can relax in our social network. If you have any questions, write to us, we are always happy to help you.

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