How it works?

We give you the service"Caring for the site" for your customers. On this server you are the admin and the owner. The server has your domain name or subdomain of your site.

When you receive the server, you can change, edit the design of the service. It will have the services of your web agency.

Then you use this new site-service server as a landing page. Potential customers see that you have a cool service and order web development services.

When you complete the order, put the customer’s site for service. Connect him a tariff of $0- $100 and get extra income.

The client uses the service "Care for the site", looks at statistics, sets up teasers, communicates with clients and by users of their site.

And it also sees a menu with your services: web development, seo promotion, advertising settings and more. And again he turns to you for web development services.

Service"Caring for the site" is like a magnet. He attracts customers and then does not let them go.

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Easy to get customer

Tell your potential client that you have the Site Care service and it is yours. Your competitors do not have such a service, but you have it. Now all the customers are yours.


Development and Design

For example, you are a web developer. You have found a client, but he doubts. Tell him that connect his site to your site care service and you will take care of his site 12 months a year.


Floating window

For example, you are an SEO specialist. You have found a client, but he is thinking whether to work with you or not. Tell him that you have a unique statistics service. He will see everything in a floating window on his site.


Sales revenue

For example, you are an advertising specialist. When meeting with a client, suggest that he increase the conversion with the help of smart teasers. Only you have this technology; competitors do not have it.


iOS Development

For example, you are an iOS developer. Invite a future client to learn more about your developments from your customers. Register it in your "Care for sites" and he will be able to communicate with your customers and invite his friends.


Andriod Development

If you are an Andriod software developer. Sell extras to your Andriod developments. For example, a website is a business card for an Android application + the "Site Care" service. It will be very interesting for the client.

Only Facts

"Site Care" is an innovative service for site owners.
We are constantly developing. New features and capabilities are added every week.
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Internet users in the world
Total sites in the world
Total web studios in the world
Agency uses Franchise Spage

Service Features Spage

We help make your business a quick start.
Using the service you can increase revenue through additional sales.

Page Stats

We show statistics of 1 page on the client’s site.

Smart Teasers

Give high CTR on internal transitions

Customer Community

Your customers can communicate with each other.

online Assistant

Customers will write you.


We show the keywords of each page

Show more pages

Teasers Enhance Behavioral Characteristics

Closed community of friends of your company

Assistant 4 in 1

Look at the actions of the client on your site

Video - How the works Site Care

You will learn how to register on the site and how to add the site to the system.

Connect Google and Yandex statistics to the site in

How the Pages module works on the client’s site.

Work of the Client Module - - SITE CARE

Check service - Real Registration.

You are now on the Franchise Page page. But this site is not a landing page. This is a real service. Here you can register and become a customer.

Before you buy a franchise, you want to check the service. Please find out more about this service. Check out these links.

For $2500 we will create a server for you on AWS Amazon. This server will run for 1 year. Then it can be extended under the same conditions. The maximum number of active, registered users on the server is 1000 people / day. The number of unregistered visitors on landing pages is not limited.

You will have access to the server via sFTP. The /site/* directory will be available to you. Here you can customize the design of your service, texts and inscriptions. You will have an Administrator panel to manage your clients and configure the service.

Access to the service logic will be closed. All other directories will not be available to you. The Spage service code is protected from view and is intellectual property.

If you have other tasks or high traffic, write to us. We will calculate your new price.

  • Partner
    $0 per month
  • Become our partner
  • Bring customers to us
  • And get the service for free
  • Get rewards
  • Become exclusive in the region
  • Get involved in development
  • GOLD
    $2500 per year
  • Get the server via SFTP
  • You can edit the design
  • You can change the texts and translation
  • Admin panel for managing
  • Payment control Customers
  • Email Activity Messages
  • Corporation
    $! per month
  • We use a powerful server
  • We offer new ideas
  • We adapt for business
  • We develop new functions
  • We integrate your payment
  • 24/7 Support

Development stages Site Care

"Site Care" is a young service. We opened in 2020. We hope you become our customer. And our cooperation will be mutually beneficial. We will make the service even better, add new modules, and you will earn money on it!


Please write a message in this form. The system will register you and report it by Email. Our specialist will answer you at a time convenient for you.


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