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What our company offers? is a free service for optimizing and promoting a business site on the Internet. The service analyzes site tags, shows behavioral factors and search queries for a specific page of the site. Spage works and displays information about the site page on your site page.

Why is our service unique? We have two interfaces for working with the service: on and on your site in a floating window. We have the technology of independent, free promotion of one specific page of the site. has 5 modules, 20 sections and 57 subsections in the service menu. To save your time, we have paid services.

How it works?

SPAGE saves time, which means your money. 1. Register in the system. Enter the site domain. 2. Get your site's tag error report. 3. Go to the error page. Correct the mistake. 4. Look at the statistics of this page, behavioral factors, search queries. Think and change the text on the page. 5. Create a teaser page. Set up display of relevant teasers for this page. 6. Look online who comes to your site and communicate with customers. 7. Show your site to other Spage members and get feedback. Write, communicate and comment on the sites of other members of the system.

Clients module

The idea is simple. Install Live Chat Consultant on your website. Every day, people will write you messages. These are ideas for supplementing, changing information on the site and writing new articles. The topics of these articles will definitely be needed by your visitors. Search engines will appreciate edited texts and new pages. They will be as relevant as possible. more...

Smart Teasers.

These Teasers are advertisements based on the URL of the page. They show the visitor other page options on your site that are similar in topic to the page. These will not be random impressions. The CTR of such teasers is higher. People will not leave your site, but will look at other pages of the site. Behavioral characteristics will increase. more...

Statistics Interface

Analyze statistics, this is the key to success. Whatever your convenience, we have two interfaces. One interface is here on But you can watch statistics directly on your website. Open the page of your site and directly on this page there will be statistics of the same page. Access to statistics will be only with you, login by login and password. more...

Private Friends

The community of programmers, webmasters, site owners is right here. You can communicate while working in one window. There are no random people on this social network. All people are united by common professional interests. To become a member you need to register in the system and have your own website. more...


How much does the promotion cost? is an eCommerce agency. We place ads, carry out search engine optimization, create and develop online stores. We help entrepreneurs and companies work with retail customers over the Internet. But you can promote your business website for free using these modules:

Advantages and disadvantages of this system

This service automates the manual work of the optimizer and web master. But without human intervention, in automatic mode, this service does not work. You can register in the system and independently promote your site using the modules: Tags, Statistics, Smart Teasers, 4in1 Assistant and Community. There are instructions in your personal account.
Or entrust this work to the specialists of our service. Activate the Personal tariff and get the services of a SEO specialist from Spage - Site Care.

professional help

Members of the SPAGE community are web industry experts. Let them be friends, communicate and help each other with advice, share interesting ideas. more...

good web statistics

Start your work day by viewing statistics on popular pages on your site. Edit texts, add keywords and your site will become even better and more popular. more...

don\'t let the visitor go

A visitor came to your site, do not let him go. Offer him other interesting pages on your site. Create advertising teasers and links and it will go on your site. more...

new popular topics

Do not stop there. Write new articles on new or old topics. And how do you know whether the topic is popular or not? Your visitors will tell you new topics for the site. more...

promotions and gifts

There is a free tariff in our system. It imposes some restrictions on the functionality of the service. But today we suggest you get a professional account for a period of 1 month!

motion energy

Spage is a service of driving, moving forward. It energizes the participants in the system. Here I want to work, climb up, develop my service, receive and generate new ideas.

Try the service today!

Register now and get a free and professional account for 1 month!

Tariff plans for everyone

Our company provides services: design and web development of new sites. Optimization and promotion of business on the Internet. Creation and maintenance of advertising companies. Android and iOS application development. Write to us and we will call our prices. Our promotions, discounts and cost of services can be found on the Prices page.

Service "Care for the site" is one of our areas. In this service, we show our capabilities and take customer sites for warranty service. Our customers are always satisfied. Your site will be monitored 24/7.

Caring for the Sites has 4 tariffs. The most popular of them is Personal - $ 25. You will receive a personal manager. He will register you in the system, configure all the counters. It will analyze the site and make a pdf report. Then you work in the system yourself.

Briefly about the main thing.

What exactly does this service offer.

What does this service do?

SPAGE has many features, but is easy to use.
SPAGE is a statistics service on your page, a wizard for creating sliders and teasers, a closed community for site owners and a business messenger for communicating with customers on the site.
SPAGE a short path to success. We analyze your site tags and competitors sites.
2 interfaces: on your site and on
5 modules: Tags, Page, Teaser, Friend, Client.
go through 4x4 = 16 stages and your site will become even better and more popular.
The easiest way to increase online sales

How is our statistics different from others?

Page module - statistics of one page of a site
we show statistics for a specific page directly on your site
search queries for a specific page of a site
comparison of Spage Google Yandex statistics
where do
CTR customers come from and where do AdSense revenue for a specific page of your site
behavioral characteristics for any page of your site
summary statistics for all your sites in the SPAGE system

Why are teasers needed and what are their features?

Teaser module - smart teasers of your pages
create teasers and sliders with going to your site pages
configure teasers, sliders and other elements of the system
group teasers for a specific url address
see click statistics on your teasers and sliders
Relevant infinite scrolling, for a specific page of the site.

Why is the Spage community closed?

Friend module - a closed community of site owners
make friends in the closed community SPAGE
you can rate the sites of community members SPAGE
chat privately with friends from SPAGE
in SPAGE there are no strangers only you and the owners of the sites
registered in the system 666 Users & 1227 site

Why install an online consultant on the site?

Client module - find out what your visitor wants
turn visitors into customers
follow the visitor online and enter into a dialogue with him
give the visitor the opportunity to ask you what he wants to find
type questions from visitors and change the texts on the pages of the site
find out what customers are looking for your site and give it to them
collect Email and phone numbers of your future customers automatically

How does a free tariff differ from a paid one?

Basic rate is free. At this rate, you can add only 1 site to the system. Statistics will be for a maximum of 1 week. Messages in the Spage community can be sent: 5 private and 5 comments. In the online consultant for clients ∞ the number of messages is not limited.
Rate Professional for $ 10 removes all restrictions.
Rate for $ 25 for inexperienced users. In this tariff, the Personal Manager will install counters on the site. It will analyze the site and issue a report in pdf format.
VIP Tariff. A specialist of our company will work in the system for you. For $ 100 we will fix errors on the site. Optimizing pages. We will write correct and unique texts.
We also have a affiliate program (10% referral).
And we sell Site Care franchise for WEB studios and SEO agencies. < BR> Our company provides web development and seo promotion services by agreement with the customer.
For more details, see the section Prices.